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In 1982 Kevin Whitney became the first ever official Olympic artist of the modern
Olympic movement, the first for any country worldwide.

Whitney approached the British Olympic Association with his original idea and was appointed in May that same year.

He subsequently attended the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. The idea came to him as a response to the British Government sending troops to the 1982 Falklands conflict, which included an official war artist.

Whitney said "Why send an artist to glorify death and destruction in a war zone, when at the Olympic games an artist can celebrate life and beauty at its most perfect, as did the ancient greeks."

In 1990-92 Whitney was the official artist for Visa and attended the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and in 1995 was the BOA artist for the European Youth Olympics in Bath.

In 2008 he attended the Beijing Olympics sponsored by Barry Flanagan's Rowford Process.

To celebrate 30 years of creating Olympic art and his personal involvement in the Olympic movement, Whitney has produced a set of 6 prints of his paintings entitled"

'The world comes to the UK 2012'

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